The Camel Situation Is Under Control

Denizens of D.C., there is no need to panic; the runaway camel has been recaptured. A Wonkette operative kindly did the legwork for us and reported back as follows:

Well, the back door to my building opens on to that alley, so I investigated. A couple of trips through the alley, as well as up and down 19th and 20th, led to zero camel sightings.

I did, however, see many large delivery trucks in the alley, into which one could, conceivably, fit a

camel. In fact, were one to deliver a camel, I imagine that's what one would use.

So there's the detective work, for any good it is.

As for what the heck a camel was doing in the middle of Washington, a different reader advised us: "The camel is part of a television shoot taking place at Interface Video on 1233 20th Street."

Update: A source at Interface Video informs us: "The camel was employed in the shooting of a commercial on one of our stages in the building just to the east of where it had been unloaded. In our building deliverymen and camels are discouraged from using the front door."

For a photograph of the camel, click here.

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