The Canadian Problem

canadapoll.jpgEver since 9/11, the citizens of touchy petit-power Canada have made no efforts to hide their anti-Americanism. (And maybe they made no effort before that either; we just weren't paying attention.) But would you look at this poll, which is running on the front page of the country's official website today? (Preemptive strike against fact-checking Canadians: yeah, we know it's a newspaper website.) They're not just making fun of American policy! They're making fun of individual Americans! And you know what? We have no recourse. Sure, they'd fall faster than a one-legged drunk on a tightrope if we invaded, but what good would that do? They're all fuckin' socialists! Annex Canada, and America votes Democrat for the next hundred years. Looks like they've got us over the barrell on this one...

Smug Canadian Newspaper Poll []


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