The Case Of The Poisoned Peanut Butter Recluse

  • Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair says that restless poors around the world now present a greater threat to United States security than terrorists. [Washington Post]
  • Abraham Lincoln turned 200 years young yesterday, which you already knew when Obama appointed him Commerce Secretary. [Gettysburg Times]
  • Stewart Parnell, the salmonella king who unleashed vats of toxic peanut butter on an unsuspecting public, is now living in shame like a hermit. [AP]
  • Australian police have arrested a man they suspect started one of the recent brushfires that ended up killing at least 181 people total. The suspect is in a supersecret extra-secure location, for fear that angry Ozzies might track him down and murder his ass. [Guardian]
  • A lesson Obama has learned his first few weeks in office: Do not let House Democrats write their own bills. [New York Times]
  • A smallish passenger plane crashed near Buffalo, killing all 49 passengers and one occupant of the house it landed on. [Bloomberg]

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