The Clinton Effect

We already knew that Bill Clinton transformed an entire generation of chastity-loving teens into crazed oral sex tramps. Now, we learn he's had a similar impact on middle-aged D.C. horndogs. Writes glamorous D.C. intern Abbie Finfrock: "Seven years on, each new crop of eager and wide-eyed interns arrives like fresh prey for the city's political predators. Far from dampening the instincts of the political classes, the Lewinsky scandal appears to have egged them on." And she's right, of course. Until the mid-1990s, middle-aged D.C. horndogs were obsessed with their work. Plop a fresh nubile 20-year-old on their desks, and they were, like, "Nope, sorry, gotta keep hashing out this farm support bill." Now, thanks to the bad example set by the former president, all they can think about is planting corn in loamy blondes. It's almost like Clinton is the King Midas of sluttiness -- everything he touches just turns sexier. What does that say about how much he touches or doesn't touch Hillary? Draw your own conclusions. But even just being in the same city where the King once worked his magic appears to be having an impact on Finfrock.


Sex, Power, and the Monica Factor [Daily Telegraph]


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