The Congressional Sausage Factory Gears Up

  • The FBI isn't investigating Sarah Palin, so obviously her weird nervous impromptu resignation without her press secretary on a random Friday in July was just ... spontaneous? [Anchorage Daily News]
  • Congressional negotiators will spend the next five weeks taking the chicken lips, pigs' feet, and cow knuckles of various health care proposals and making them into beautiful delicious heart-healthy sausage (universal coverage???) for the American public. [Washington Post]
  • The LA Police Department is trying to piece together Michael Jackson's medical history -- no easy feat when the man patronized virtually every doctor and probably even some veterinarians in the greater Los Angeles area. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Many top Republicans were as baffled by Sarah Palin's "I'm passing the ball for victory" speech as normal people were. [USA Today]
  • Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya attempted to return to Honduras yesterday, but his opponents blocked the runway so that pretty much ruined that little plan. [Voice of America]
  • President Obama's in Russia today and tomorrow for a low-key, relaxing visit with his best friend, Dmitri Medvedev. They will talk about arms reduction while their wives go to a concert and visit a hospital. [Times Online]

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