The Continuing Saga of Michael Scanlon's Freak-Ass High School Career

rftw.jpgAfter posting about the young Michael Scanlon's bizarre hormonal explorations, we were sent a note from another of his contemporaries who experienced his high school reign of terror. Wishing to remain anonymous out of concern for a future of peaceful area shopping, our tipster assures us: "I can completely vouch for this. I was one of the black-clad girls he tormented at WJ (I was 5' 6" in high school, though, so he didn't mess with me much -- he mostly went after the shorter girls)."

She goes on to describe an incident in which a loved one nearly escaped the young master Scanlon's attempt to flush his head down a toilet, but that's far from the most disturbing detail of her account:

The only direct tormenting I was ever victim to was having to sit near him once and listen to him incessently sing the chorus from "Oh Sheila" over and over and OVER -- which never sounds good, but which sounds especially bad coming from a wanna-be surfer dude.

Now that's downright harrowing.


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