The Crackberry Whores on K Street Will Blow You for a DIME-Attachment

  Another news outlet discovers the "Blackberry." ("Addictive!") Another self-deluded information junkie rationalizes his anti-social behavior: "It's almost become an art form, how you can still be part of a meeting and have your Blackberry on vibrate, get a note and type back a one-sentence response." An "art form," of course. "Pissed PDA," if you will. And I'm getting an NEA grant for my obscene IM sessions.

Speaking of obscene/self-deluded, etc.: We're thinking that the "Blackberry widow" portrayed in the article may not be being completely honest with herself: "Her boyfriend, she said, was 'completely neurotic' about the machine, even disappearing to a restaurant bathroom to check his e-mails." Hey, sweetheart, if there's an email he needs to go to the restroom to respond to, he's probably trying to type it with one hand. . .

Blackberry becomes addictive [AFP/WT]


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