The Daily Show: Nurse's Job Killed To Death By Obamacare (Video)

The Daily Show: Nurse's Job Killed To Death By Obamacare (Video)

The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper investigates the Obamacare Apocalypse and what went wrong with everything that's supposedly going wrong but somehow isn't. Weird! He manages to find one nurse who says she lost her job because of Obamacare -- except she’s really happy about it. Which doesn't stop him from trying to spin it into an apocalyptic headline ... somehow.

I ran a free clinic in a janitor’s lunch room. Obamacare came along, and my patients were, for the first time, able to get insurance, to take care of their health care needs.

Oh, the humanity. And the health care!

Klepper also spoke with some former patients of the janitor's lunch room clinic, who are now “living the nightmare that is Obamacare.” Except they like it too. For some totally bizarre reason, they like going to see their doctors in an actual doctor-type environment instead of a place where people go to eat sandwiches on their lunch breaks.

"Obviously," Klepper concludes, they're "biased by their personal positive experiences."

Watch and enjoy.

[The Daily Show]


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