The Day the Press Corps Stopped Pretending to Respect the President

Even I Dont Believe Me AnymoreYou know it's bad when the press laughs openly at your spin. He is still the president and stuff, you know. From today's presser:

Q Mr. President, you said you don't want to talk about an ongoing investigation, so I'd like to ask you, regardless of whether a crime was committed, do you still intend to fire anyone found to be involved in the CIA leak case? And are you displeased that Karl Rove told a reporter that Ambassador Joe Wilson's wife worked for the Agency on WMD issues?

PRESIDENT BUSH: We have a serious ongoing investigation here. (Laughter.)

Next week they'll bring spitballs.

President, Prime Minister of India Discuss Freedom and Democracy [; laughter starts at minute 10:00 in the video. It's pretty, uhm, brazen.]


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