The Denver Road Is A-Goin' To Melt


  • Republicans are crashing the Dems' convention, and Democrats will crash the GOP convention, due to the end of civility and the rise of dumb hate. [New York Times]

  • Tonight: Twisted psychodrama as Hillary and her supporters maybe sort of don't entirely 100% say "You complete me" to Obama, because there's never been candidate rivalry at a Democratic convention before (except for the other times). [Associated Press/U.S. News]
  • Russia has officially recognized the pro-Russia breakaway republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which are currently part of Georgia. This means (cold) war. [Washington Post]
  • Yikes: A fourth dirtbag has been arrested in the "Kill Obama at the Stadium" plot. [CBS 4 Denver]
  • The sirens and ruckus you didn't hear in Denver's Civic Center Park around 7 o'clock last night? DNC protesters were attacking, uh, trees on 15th Street. [Rocky Mountain News/Denver Post]
  • Home prices are still dropping, but not as much as last quarter, so the housing collapse may or may not be nearly over. [Bloomberg]
  • Barack Obama must prove to America that he's somehow a normal American, without offending the "Muslim socialist vampire lesbian community." [Dave Barry]

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