The Department of Ironies Too Painfully Obvious To Point Out Remains Impenetrable

powder.jpgIf you're still recovering from last night's Hollywood circle-jerk, just remember that you live in a city governed by metaphors too hackneyed for even the most unsubtle of scenario writers. The Department of Homeland Security can't secure its own offices (oh, how appropriate etc. etc.)

For instance, when an envelope with suspicious powder was opened last fall at Homeland Security Department headquarters, guards said they watched in amazement as superiors carried it by the office of Secretary Michael Chertoff, took it outside and then shook it outside Chertoff's window without evacuating people nearby.

We don't blame the staff for doing such a half-assed job disposing of suspicious white powder. Honestly, if you'd just put down half a paycheck for an 8-ball, how excited would you be to have to get rid of it when the rent-a-cops found it?

Guards Dault Homeland Security Protection [AP via WP]


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