The Discovery Times Channel: When Paint Dries Too Fast For You

icon_dish_100What could possibly top the excitement that is "Staffers"? (Tuesdays episode included young people working on the Dean, Clark, and Lieberman campaigns.) Next in the Discovery Times channel's election year line up: "The Political Dish," a news chat show that will showcase "actual participants in the political process." There will be "provocative conversations" and "smart thinkers." Did we mention that it's hosted by NYT's Todd Purdum? Indeed, this is a program that will "talk about the campaign in ways no one else on TV dares to do." It's true! Expect "mix-it-up conversations" in which "some of the most intriguing people in politics" tell you "political insiders believe but won't say anywhere else on television." Will they use curse words? Will it be in Esperanto? We'll be up at night thinking about it.

The Discovery Times Channel Launches Campaign Essentials, A Year-Long Look at the 2004 Presidential Race From the Inside Out [PRNewswire/Yahoo]

Campaign Essentials [Discovery Times]


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