The Donald Capoccia Honorary Homo Award for Gayest-Seeming Bushie: We Have Competition!

The excitement of the Bush-Cheney sloganator has probably caused you to forget about The Donald Capoccia Honorary Homo Award for Gayest-Seeming Bushie. Frankly, it had slipped our mind, too. But nothing improves ones memory like plagiarism; we've just learned that a Christian group in Maine is soliciting nominations for their own gay legislator contest:

    In this age of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and "Sex in the City," it is only appropriate that all of us here in Maine understand the "sexual orientation" of our leaders. . . . We will therefore be writing about state leaders in coming months regarding their "sexual orientation." We are, of course, most interested in the leaders among us who want to overturn marriage, eliminate the mother/father family as the ideal, etc. The list is long, so we won't lack for material. . . If you can help us, please do. E-mail us tips, rumors, speculation and facts. The more information we have the better.

The nerve! We totally thought of this first. But screw "sexual orientation." We're just interested in politicians who lisp. Or who dress faggy. Or who fuck each other in the ass. That sort of thing.

We're still accepting nominations!

League to issue political 'gay list' [Press Herald/]


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