Of death.For Michele Bachmann, this was the year. Her party took back the House. She raised more money than ever. She set up a PAC to buy the devotion of her colleagues. MICHELE BACHMANN WAS FINALLY GOING PLACES IN THIS WHOLE POWER THING. So she ran for Republican Conference leader. She was finally going to destroy and conquer the party leadership from the inside. Yet tonight, she's given up. Her prospects were so bad she couldn't even make it to the vote. And despite all the hype in this election, it's a final nail in the coffin of crazy. Crazy was exploited by the old guard, but then when it really counted, crazy promptly lost. And so the terrifying vision of Michele Bachmann taking over this country has died. Big sale on Truck Nutz. FOR NOW.

The Minnesota Republican, a Tea Party standard-bearer, released a statement Wednesday night saying that she was endorsing Representative Jeb Hensarling of Texas for Republican Conference leader, the No. 4 position in the new House. (Pretty much simultaneously, he released a statement trumpeting her endorsement.)

And Tupac and Biggie released a statement from the sky trumpeting the arrival of Michele Bachmann's grand political ambitions.

It's all sort of sad. She'll always have the cable news networks. She'll always have YouTube. And she'll have her fundraising e-mails. But she won't be there standing behind every one of Boehner's public statements emitting ear-splitting banshee noises. Today, this blog published its 30,000th post. And we're not sure if this is a present or a lump of coal.

But everywhere a child cries from the physical pain of not having health care, Michele will be there. Everywhere the government thinks FOR A SECOND about helping its citizens, Michele will be there. And everywhere an American sees an American who is slightly different from him and assumes they can get along, Michele will be there. She will live on in each and everyone of us. Even if we go through chemotherapy for it. [NYT]


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