The Economics of Protesting

Newspapers have been profiling some of the Schiavo faithful, but so far, most seem to have bypassed a question that's been puzzling us for a while now. Don't the protesters have bills to pay? We know how the dirty hippies on the left do it: They're trustfunders, living off the hard work of supply-side tax-cutters. But what about the mouth-tapers? Is the culture-of-life lifestyle less costly than it seems? It can't be cheap to book a last-minute flight from Florida to D.C. for a "five-foot-high Styrofoam spoon." Maybe Michael Barone can explain the phenomenon, or at least burnish its brand a bit with a sexy epithet.

With Giant Spoon, Woman Helps Stir Up White House Schiavo Protest [WaPo]

Schiavo Protesters Have Hearts on Sleeves [NY Times]

Michael Barone: Director's Cut []


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