The Empire Strikes Back


Keep the spirit of Indigenous Peoples Day/Columbus Day going, all weekend long. There's this band called "Bombaye"—see?—and then Britpop night, which, again, European oppression. And of course another Oktoberfest, this time with Professional Germans.


  • Attend the album release party of famous DC experimental punk band the Cassettes at the Black Cat. $10; 9 PM. Later, at 9:30, there's a free Soulfuck dance party. [Black Cat]
  • Bombaye will be at the Velvet Lounge tonight. Show up and impress the crowd with your knowledge of postcolonial theory and make a topical joke about "Mumbaie."  [Velvet Lounge]
  • All weekend the noir classic Double Indemnity will be playing at the AFI Silver. Starring Barbara Stanwyck and some other people of lesser attractiveness. [AFI Silver]
  • Here is an Oktoberfest at the German Embassy. Professional Germans—German diplomats, even!—will be there, at their most German-y outside of Germany. Dear god. 8 PM - Midnight; $149 (3 Euros). [Things To Do DC]
  • Little Feat, in their third incarnation, are performing at the 9:30 Club. $35; 6:30 PM. [9:30 Club]
  • You have 24 hours to memorize the lyrics to "Rapper's Delight": Sugarhill Gang is performing at Zanzibar on the Waterfront. 8 PM. [Washington Post]


  • There's Britpop at the Black Cat tonight. $10; 9:30 PM. [Black Cat]
  • Use pleasure or pain to convince a friend into taking you as their plus-one to the sold out Cold War Kids show at the 9:30 Club. [9:30 Club]
  • See Lewis Black at George Mason University. He will be angry, for such is his schtick. $30; 8 PM. [Washington Post]


  • James Traub will be at Politics and Prose reading from his book The Freedom Agenda. 5 PM. [Politics and Prose]
  • Cunninlynguists are performing at Carpool tonight. 9 PM. [Washignton Post]

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