The End Of The End

  • Michelle Obama: "Don't trust bloggers or someone else's opinion, because people lie." [Billings Gazette]
  • It is almost over, this wretched prolonged Democratic primary season is almost over, and Barack Obama will meet Hillary Clinton "at a time and place of her choosing" after he has snatched away her superdelegates and her dignity. [New York Times]
  • Nobody could be happier than Democratic superdelegates, who can now make their endorsements without fear of controversy, retribution, or consequence. [Washington Post, The Hill]
  • Soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder are housed next to a firing range in Fort Benning, Georgia, because life makes up ironies that fiction writers would never be cruel enough to invent. [Washington Post]
  • The Mexican drug war is heating up, which, according to President Calderon, means it's in its last throes. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Opponents of Vladimir Putin find themselves edited out of television shows. [New York Times]

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