The Fartknocker Report: Healthcare.Gov Causes Sarah Palinception


The Sarah Palin Channel's latest post is dire, raw, and filled with Inception-style horns. It is a bold new expression in the form of grifter Internet teevee shows — a screeching across the sky — and if Inception hadn't come out five years ago, Palin's work might be given its due in the lamestream media.

Unfortunately, Christopher Nolan got here first, and the whole thing feels like a warmed-over version of this Glenn Beck mash-up, only edited by an overly earnest high schooler who's just seen his first Errol Morris film. Regardless, Palin has entered a new phase in her career as a bullshit artist. She cares not if you understand her art. The content is unimportant. The style is all.



Governor Quitterface's new artistic style promises more of this kind of incongruity. She's loaded up her video with scary digital zooms and flickering images of That Vulgar Man, but she's ultimately trying to tell her audience to be afraid of hackers. Palin, of course, fails to point out to her audience that has been holding up pretty well, while private-sector firms (including health insurer Anthem) have been the targets of recent cyber attacks.

It's a boring topic dressed up in lens flares and dramatic music, visual lipstick on a pig. Here's the whole video, and it really deserves to be recut with some Montreal-based post-rock.

After months of bland, staring-into-the-camera videos, Palin has found her aesthetic style. In revealing this style to Yr Wonket, we have realized we are trapped in the belly of Sarah's horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death.

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