The Fine Grind at the Instant Karma Coffeehouse

leash1.jpgIt's officially okay if this news brings you a measure of delight. In the town where Su Lin hangs her less-cute-than-the-Stick head, iconic Abu Ghraib figure Lynndie England, currently stuck in a military stir for detainee abuse, was badly burned when she was splattered with scalding chicken grease.

The pain was no doubt exquisite, and England's mother was reportedly furious over the treatment she received at the emergency room: "They gave her nothing...To think they give you nothing for pain." We had thought that the disciplined training most soldiers receive condition them to bravely fight through pain. Maybe that's just a quality shared by soldiers that don't massively dishonor their service and country.

Well, from all of us at Wonkette, we'd like to wish Lynndie England a big fat boo-fucking-hoo.

Abu Ghrabi Figure Burned in Prison Mishap [Reuters]


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