The Flag-Burning Amendment's Red Flags


Flag-burning? We thought we had outsourced that to Pakistan, but apparently it's still a problem in the U.S., because, once again, the House has approved an amendment to ban it. Which is fine with us -- even though we freely admit it's kind of unAmerican, we're generally against all forms of public smoking. (The exception: celebrities should be allowed to smoke wherever they want.) Still, we wonder if Congress has fully considered the implications of its actions...

As John Scalzi points out, the concept seems plagued with Old Glory loopholes: unless additional laws are passed, any number of flag facsimiles would still be legal kindling.

A flag-burning amendment could have a devastating impact on the "Try to burn this flag" belt buckle industry.

Where does it end? Will our most patriotic patriots start demanding similar protections for the official U.S. Christian flag, the rebel flag, the NASCAR flag?

If the amendment passes, one of the most reliable grandstanding opportunities for elected officials and pundits on both sides of the issue will go up in smoke.

House OKs ban on flag burning [AP]

Cracking the Flag-Burning Amendment [John Scalzi]


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