Just as you are obsessed with Sarkozy and his lady love, n'est pas?Americans in the Greater Brackish Waters Of The Chesapeake/Potomac Region have joined many other states in throwing their collective panties at Barry Hussein! With Obamamentum gaining speed, the left needs to ask itself what it always asks itself when it comes time to make important decisions: "What do filthy foreigners think about this?" Fortunately, the aforementioned Foreigns are willing to talk about it, at great length, on the Internet! Also, is Barack Obama secretly Iranian, too?

Our most shocking revelation about Barry comes from Iran-Resist, which is probably a Website for Iranian émigrés opposed to the current regime there, though chances hover at around one in five that it's actually an elaborate front for the Pentagon's Iranian psy-ops unit. Anyhoo, they've stumbled onto a very important fact: Barry's super-hopeful "Yes we can!" slogan is almost identical to "It is possible and we can," the catchphrase that got Mahmoud Ahmadinejad elected!

Sinister bedfellows?

Do you need more proof that Obama is in league with the forces of revolutionary Islam? Look no further than the fact that he has Zbignew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor, on his team! Brzezinski and Carter were largely responsible for the rise of the Islamic Republic in Iran and the radicalization of the whole Middle East, obviously. When will America wake up?

Barry's fondest footie memoryOther Foreigns are better disposed towards the Hopeful Hopemonger from Hope Hawaii. The Brits, for instance, have been wowed by the fact that Barack has for the last five years supported the West Ham soccer team (or, as they call it there, "football club"). While Americans associate the so-called Beautiful Game with rich white exurban eight-year-olds and their immaculately coiffed mini-van-driving mothers, in Britain the game's fandom is marked by lower-class loutishness, alcohol abuse, and pointless violence, so in following the Hammers Obama's "keepin' it real" -- really British, that is! Hillary has apparently declared a love for Manchester United, the New York Yankees of the Premiership, which shouldn't surprise anyone anywhere.

This madness is what you get when you Google Image Search on obama indiaThose up-and-comers from India are also keeping an eye on Barry's campaign! The Hindu, India's largest newspaper, even sent a reporter to follow him around! K.V. Prasad reported to the folks back home that Obama wants to build an "education system that enables children to compete with those from India and China."

Better redouble your efforts to crush us, guys: Barack is on the case! Prasad also noted that "the Obama camp is clearly banking on the passion among new voters, a point stressed by his managers and by the candidate who repeatedly sought to know from the assembly whether they were 'fired.'" (Speaking of China and mangled English, China's official Xinhua news agency posed the question, ""Why delegates matter so much?" Tee-hee! Then they, uh, went on to give a very cogent explanation of how the U.S. presidential nominating system worked.)

Jews and blacks are like peanut butter and jelly!Finally, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jewish-run media, we're contractually obligated to find out what they're thinking in Israel. According to the Israeli newspaper Ha'aertz, they don't know themselves, and need an American to tell them!

Malcolm Hoenlein, head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, has "concern" about the "atmosphere" around Obama's campaign. Though he can't put his finger on anything specific about Barry that Israelis should be wary about, at a press conference in Jerusalem he said, "All the talk about change, but without defining what that change should be, is an opening for all kind of mischief."

Oh, Malcolm, you old stick in the mud! You need a little hope injection! He also noted that "Obama has plenty of Jewish supporters and there are many Jews around him ... But there is a legitimate concern over the zeitgeist around the campaign." Jeez, you start throwing around the German words and the Israelis get all anxious.


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