The Furious Rise of the Non-Anonymous Blogger

Salon has written a timely and important article about anonybloggeranamouses (whatever). Apparently, their anonymity lets them wield "long knives." They are able to accuse people of anti-Semitism and not knowing how to spell "yarmulke" with impunity. "[J]ournalism experts" (who knew?) say that "they are operating outside of any reasonable ethical line."

We're incensed. We're practically aflame.

We said the Bush girls drink baby Jew blood. We told you that Scalia will spend his summer on Martha's Vineyard in exchange for a favorable ruling on Cheney's energy commission case. We have made numerous claims about various public figures giving and receiving blow jobs.

But just because Wonkette isn't anonymous, these ludicrous allegations get ignored? What does a girl have to do to get attention?

OK, here goes. . . .

Lucianne Goldberg is really Tom Waits in drag. Jenny 8. Lee sells crack to school children. Sid Blumenthal is lousy at tennis. Al Sharpton is really a tool of a GOP operative bent on sabotaging the Democrats. . . Oh wait, that's true. And, oh yeah: Christopher Farah once worked as W's maid, was raped by him and then forced to get an abortion.

Hope that'll do.

The Fix: I know you are but who am I? The furious rise of the anonyblogger. [Salon]

Correction: The item about Lucianne Goldberg is satire. She's actually Bea Arthur in drag.

Correction: The item about Jenny 8. Lee is satire. She only sells crack to pregnant sex slaves. Further correction: Pregnant, underage sex slaves. Still, technically not school children.

Correction: The item about Sid Blumenthal's athletic ability is a satire. He plays excellent tennis.

UPDATE: Oooh, ooooh! Catfight!

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