Electricity Howls In the Bones of Her Face


  • You know who was president the last time stocks dropped so much in one year? Herbert Hoover. [Associated Press]
  • Obama is just like us! The power went out, in Hawaii, at this $9 million beachfront compound he's renting for the holidays. [MSNBC]
  • Israel is bombing the hell out of Gaza, including the university in Gaza, because why not? [BBC World News]
  • On the bright side, civilian deaths from bombings are down quite a bit in Iraq. [TIME]
  • America's new houses will be small and sad, or possibly carved out of abandoned McMansions, which is even sadder. [Washington Post]
  • If you needed a State Law to tell you not to type text messages on your cell phone while driving, then California has a special retard gift for you on January 1. [SF Gate]

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