The Girls Your Mother Warned You About

* Despite showing expertise as a prosecutor far beyond her years and bringing a new kind of racial harmony to the office of US Attorney in Minnesota, 34-year-old Rachel Paulose will be leaving that post after only seven months or so to come work for Justice in Washington. [TPMmuckraker, Eric Black]

* Fred Thompson's usual movement in polls is southward. [Political Wire]

* Finally, an anti-gay agenda that can work. [Liberal Avenger]

* Hillary Clinton must feel so fortunate to have such a shrewd campaign adviser. [The Left Coaster]

* Ronald Reagan is in heaven now, and he's kicking out any murdered civil rights activists who may have managed to sneak in. [Carpetbagger Report]

* Barry Obama isn't afraid to shout an Iowan down, no matter how elderly (or retarded) she might be. [Hot Air]

* Michelle Malkin, terrorist hunter. [Michelle Malkin]


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