The Givhanification of the Post

When you bestow a Pulitzer Prize upon Robin Givhan, you only encourage stuff like this:


John Allen Muhammad strides into the Montgomery County courtroom looking every bit the lawyer. Gone is the orange jumpsuit he wore in Virginia when he was sentenced to death. Gone, too, is the hair that towered over him as he prepared for trial in Maryland.

He now wears suits and ties. He carries with him a stack of legal papers, shuffling them purposefully at the defense table. He speaks the language of law, begging the "court's indulgence" and asking that a "continuous objection" be noted for the record.

Yes, that's right. This is an article about the successful "makeover" of John Allen Muhammad, now on trial in Maryland -- and already convicted in Virginia -- for the 2002 sniper attacks.

Oooh boy.

Muhammad's Metamorphosis Impresses Some Trial Observers [WP]

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