The GOP Is Throwing Sticks and Stones At The President

The GOP Is Throwing Sticks and Stones At The President
Make beautiful music with today's news! Or steal it, you jerky jerkface.

  • The GOP is encouraging people to hurl "vulgarities" at the President. We at Wonkette know none of you commenters would stoop that low! You're all a bunch of saints, really. [Washington Post]
  • Mitt Romney should use his Mormonism as a selling point. Well, of course--he could play oppression Olympics! And who is more oppressed than the Mormons? Oh, what? Oh, everyone. [Slate]
  • How do you figure into the meritocracy, where credentials are taking over? Here's a study on how pilots make everyone else look bad. Personally, I judge everyone based on whether they will be useful in a zombie apocalypse. Remember the first rule of survival: cardio! Because if you can't outrun them, they will eat you. [The Atlantic]
  • Here's an article about the current debate of stealing music. Okay, so they talk about struggling artists and how you shouldn't steal from them, but what about Beyonce? And J.Lo? And One Direction?! Just wondering. [Salon]

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