no, i eat more shitAmong the bigger shocks of last night's Republican CNN/YouTube Debate was that much of the funny/shame didn't come from the videos. L'Anderson made it clear from the outset that puppies, snowmen and butt plug submissions were categorically rejected, which we feel is racist or sexist or one of those other things people get angry about. As a result, it was up to the candidates to buoy the event's cerebral expectations. Mitt Romney singlehandedly did that, with some of the densest douchebaggery we've seen in an election season more than rife with it. Otherwise: Giuliani -- nothing new on the evil front; Fuckabee -- very calm and cool, especially when talking about killing Hillary on Mars; Hunter/Tancredo -- Securing the Mexican vote; Walnuts -- Angry, depressed, grumpy, but kind of cute; Thompson -- Bumblebees, tadpoles; Paul -- Might actually be as stupid as his followers.

Oh but we exagg: Some video submissions were disgustingly enjoyable. After the jump, our top five, excluding the ones we posted last night or just forgot about.

5. Mike Huckabee's wet dream:

[youtube expand=1]

4. How is this man not in jail?

[youtube expand=1]

3. Seeing this, and knowing that Mitt Romney would have to respond, was almost unbearable anxiety.

[youtube expand=1]

2. The embedding is disabled, so just go and watch it here. It's a nerrrrrd.

1. Mars:

[youtube expand=1]

The Republican CNN/YouTube Debate [YouTube]


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