The Guilt-By-Association Olympics

  • Having nationalized our mortgage and insurance markets, the Treasury looks around and says Hmm, what can we buy next and settles on banks. [New York Times]
  • John McCain wonders where all the white women at. [Boston Globe]
  • The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case pitting adorable orcas against the Naval Death Sonar that makes them "huddle in a shallow cove." [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  • The Foo Fighters join the long list of musicians who are peeved that John McCain is "tarnishing" their wonderful artistic works by playing them at his Nuremberg rallies. [BBC News]
  • Two big bombings in Pakistan today: the police headquarters in Islamabad, and a roadside bomb elsewhere that killed four children on a bus. [Guardian]
  • John McCain has a supporter with his own "ties" to radical nutbag protester types, ties that are just as tenuous and inconsequential as Barack Obama's to his terrorist concubine Bill Ayers. [Wall Street Journal]

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