The Heart Bleats On


Wonkette editor Jack Stuef decides to make this Retro Day, celebrating the rich, vile history of the crass political blog. [Wonkette]

Rail-thin recumbent biking hippie kid Dick Cheney has decided to go with his "before pic" for his memoir cover. Liz Cheney says he will try to kill and torture people with his words. [AP]

Former Cheney aide Mary Matalin more or less confirms it will violate the Geneva Conventions. [Politico]

Denial still the best way to run a War on Terror. [The Hill]

The cranky ol' U.S. Economy takes another swipe at the youngs. Coffee-shop jobs to now list Ph.D. as requirement? [NYT]

The Secret Service is getting catty with Fox News on a proprietary micro-weblogging service! [Gawker]


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