The Hostess with the Mostest Raggedy-Ass PJs

Is Washington's Friendster-era Katie Graham, Jennifer 8. Lee, really just a 7 and a half? A tipster writes. . .

    Having been to a party at Ms. Lee's, I'm stunned at the NY Sun story. The most remarkable thing about the hostess was that she wore what were apparently pajamas -- and not sexy, silky, party pajamas, but the sort of raggedy mismatched sweats most people save for solo nights in front of the television. That, and she had the demeanor of a reticent 12-year-old.

    The party itself was mostly populated, it seemed, with junior civil servants. The cheap wine, bags of chips and tin trays gave it a college vibe.

    I can only conclude that I'm not getting invited to the right Jennifer 8. parties. Maybe I was being screened for a more exclusive list? Had the whole affair exuded any charm or warmth whatsoever, I might have tried harder.

Also, we're told that contrary to previous reports, Lee's parties are BYOB. Classy!

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