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David Limbaugh is pissed that the almost-good news coming out of Iraq —like the Marines' recent near-capture of terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi—isn't attracting much attention from anti-American Old Media dead-enders. Meanwhile, the anti-American Al Jazeera is criticizing the anti-American U.S. media for failing to adequately cover Iraqi civilian deaths. We're split on this one. On the one blood-soaked stump, Iraqi civilian deaths don't get much coverage in the media. On the other pulpy mass of ballistic trauma, good things are happening in Iraq. For example, as President Bush explained in a speech today at Fort Hood, "More than 150,000 Iraqi security forces have been trained and equipped, and for the first time, the Iraqi army, police and security forces now outnumber U.S. forces in Iraq." We're not sure if it's the Army or the Fab Five who's in charge of training and equipping, but as the Al Jazeera photo of "Iraqi emergency forces" at right suggests, they certainly look ready to maintain order in their country, and to star on their own series on F/X.

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