The Ideal Trip For You And Your Love. Tabs, Mon., March 9, 2020

The Ideal Trip For You And Your Love. Tabs, Mon., March 9, 2020

LOL Mick Mulvaney, no amount of illegally withholding aid from Ukraine is enough to make Trump love you LOL I mean sad :( — New York Times

Erik Prince did something, I don't know what, I have not read this tab, I am still in Mexico! It has something to do with James O'Keefe though, and it can't be good. (NYT)

The Elizabeth Warren Example: Jamil Smith at Rolling Stone has Thoughts.

Black voters know what they want. On Tuesday it was Joe Biden. (NBC) (PS you guys, can we be as nice as possible to Bernie and Joe? The piling on one or the other — mostly the other — is making me sad.)

A dishonestly edited video spread by the Trump campaign? Oh you do not say.

So 2148 was a bust. Next time a woman runs for president will be different. Alexandra Petri at Washington Post, at it again.

Bailey vs. Blood and Teeth. Warren's team reflects on how they "blew it" at Politico. I have to agree that the making her "relatable" and sweet and nice and ladylike was a mistake. Voters want to see Trump's blood and teeth on the floor, and her debate nuking Bloomberg from space came too late.

Trump's coronavirus press event was even worse than it looked. UNPOSSIBLE, WIRED.

Can't self-quarantine, gotta go to the father-daughter dance!

The White House overruled health officials who wanted to warn the elderly against flying; it at least let them tell seniors not to go cruising. — AP

Pelosi, Schumer call for sick leave, unemployment insurance in any stimulus package (Washington Post)

Margaret Sullivan: The media needs to GET ITS SHIT TOGETHER and head off an ELECTION DAY DISASTER — WaPo

This is an interesting story about Mitch Daniels, George W. Bush's OMB director, and how he's held the line on college tuition at Purdue. (The Atlantic)

What a fucking pud.

Mexican women prepare to strike over femicides. — Guardian

The White House is hiring college seniors because fuck it no one left. (Slate)

Spring is arriving earlier. That's not awesome. (Salon) Also, Shy's bees are awake. In Montana. For a month now. NOT COOL GLOBAL WARMING.

Trump just doing QAnon posts now because nobody else is voting for him, so.

MURDERRRRR in a tiny town. Old story from the legend E. Jean Carroll.

Sorry, you guys can find your own Italy and Ted Cruz and endorsement stories, got 7 more tequilas to drink. BYE!

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