The Ingenious Reason There Are No Mosquitoes At Disney World! Tabs, Fri., Feb. 12, 2021

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This was a hunting party. Our pal Charlie Pierce at Esquire.

A very affecting writeup of Congress watching themselves get hunted in Impeachment Day Two's audiovisual club, at Politico.

We do all know that:

But ultimately, the real question isn't whether Trump is guilty. Everyone knows he is. The only question is whether Senate Republicans want to be complicit with an insurrection that directly threatened their own lives. Presumably, they think they're playing 11th-level chess and will get some political advantage out of it. But in the end, they're no better than the morons who stormed the Capitol because Trump told them it was "allowed." And if they believe otherwise, it's because Trump has successfully exploited their own overblown egos against them — as he does to all of his marks.

Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Cruz, Graham, and Lee, jurors in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, met with his lawyers for very good reasons that they'll think of eventually. (CNN)

As we also all knew, Trump was sicker with COVID than they admitted (and as we also all knew, his doctor flat-out lied). I am on fire with hatred right now. (New York Times)

Soon please Joe Biden!

That lady who freaked out at the masks in Target (we probably laughed at her, I hope we worried for her) went to lockup and extensive therapy, and tells about the trauma that made her the perfect QAnon mark. I'm sorry, lady. — Haaretz

Salad bars and buffets reopen in Ohio. Gross. (Cincinnati)

But if Joe Biden revokes the Medicaid work requirements, then ... you know I don't even know how to end this sarcastically. (Politico)

The gerrymanders are going to be very very very bad, and they could easily flip back the House. — The Atlantic

Same: Aides to Texas AG Ken Paxton say he was using his office to give political favors to a guy in exchange for a job for his mistress and ... a home remodel. (Texas Tribune)

Dok loves this story about how the fossil fuel industry tricked you into loving your gas stove, so I STOLE IT FOR YOUR TABS! (Mother Jones) Also someday I am going to have an induction cooktop, you just see if I don't!

Seth Abramson is exhausting, even if you don't agree with his profiler here, Lyz Lenz, about the Steele Dossier; Abramson's shown from the beginning in 2016, when he was a Berner making up a universe of alternative delegate math (which Lenz only glances on), that he's happy to make shit up to bend reality to his whims, just like the Bush White House used to brag about. But "liberal." (CJR)

Tab from Lenz's piece! Maybe the first big twitter thread, about how Dan Baum got fired by the New Yorker. (Wayback Machine)

The Acrobatic Grace of Cary Grant. (Criterion)

You read. "One Long WTF." Who does this?

And no one seems inclined to tell us what we're doing here, at least until Prince himself shows up, while we're sitting in the smaller of Paisley Park's two venues. He looks incredible in every sense of the phrase. Far younger than his 57 years, wearing clothes that would make anyone who wasn't Prince look like an idiot: skinny white flared trousers and matching top, and enormous platform-soled flip-flops with white socks. I get a good look at the latter, because we somehow end up sitting at his feet, while he perches behind a keyboard and answers our questions through a microphone: if anyone asks a question he doesn't like, he plays the theme from The Twilight Zone and shakes his head.

IT'S PRINCE! — Esquire

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