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Trump's War On TikTok Not Going Well

A judge gave the company a reprieve from being banned from US app stores.

Sunday was supposed to be the beginning of the end for TikTok in the United States. At midnight, the app was supposed to be banned from all app stores, per an order from the Trump administration, but the company was given a last minute reprieve from Judge Carl Nichols of the US District Court for the District of Columbia.

In an emergency hearing on Sunday morning, lawyers representing TikTok argued that banning the app was a First Amendment issue.

Via AP:

In arguments to Judge Nichols, TikTok lawyer John Hall said that TikTok is more than an app, since it functions as a "modern day version of a town square."

"If that prohibition goes into effect at midnight, the consequences immediately are grave,'" Hall said. "It would be no different than the government locking the doors to a public forum, roping off that town square" at a time when a free exchange of ideas is necessary heading into a polarized election.

Trump's excuse for wanting to ban the app is that he claims that it is a national security threat because TikTok is a Chinese company. Weirdly, he had no problem with his daughter Ivanka having sweatshops in China just a few years ago.

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Right Wing Extremism

Senate's Dumbest Republican Just Real Broken Up About What Happened In Kenosha

It's your Sunday show rundown!

Seventeen-year-old Trump-loving Kyle Rittenhouse is charged with committing literal murder in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last week, and tensions are higher than ever.

GOP Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, AKA the Senate's Dumbest Republican, went on CNN's "State Of The Union," and just couldn't bring himself to say an unkind word about Rittenhouse, or the fascist violence overtaking the streets.

Dana Bash asked Johnson if he was comfortable with Donald Trump inflaming tensions further, quoting from Trump's Sunday tweetstorm. Johnson responded by talking over Bash to blame "disdain for police" and calling for "control of the situation" (i.e. MORE police) while saying "We need to encourage calm." Bash again asked the question Johnson tried to sidestep about Trump "agitating and actively encouraging his supporters to go into Portland, which is resulting in some of this violence." Johnson responded:

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Conspiracy Theories

Is Lindsey Graham Trying To Use QAnon To Further The Right's War On Social Media? (Yes)

We see what you're doing there, Lindsey.

For a few years now, conservatives have been on about wanting to remove Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which prevents social media companies from being treated like publishers. What this means is that while Rebecca could maybe [definitely] be sued if I wrote a whole article accusing Lindsey Graham of having an adult baby fetish, if I knew it wasn't true and wasn't writing a satire, if I were to write it in a Twitter rant, Jack Dorsey could not.

The conservatives' "logic" is that if Twitter and other social media companies are allowed to moderate their sites and kick people off for hate speech or harassment, instead of letting everyone do and say what they want "like a town square" then they should be considered publishers and held responsible for everything people post on their sites. This would most likely lead to social media sites no longer being able to exist, because it would be impossible to moderate them on that level. It's a threat. It's "Let us scream racial epithets on your site or we will destroy you."

Of course, if one were to actually go into the middle of a town square and start screaming racial epithets or harassing passerby, then hopefully that's a town where they'd make you stop for "disturbing the peace."

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Conspiracy Theories

Someone Made A New Bananapants 'Satanic Pedo Cabal' QAnon Pizza Map, Looks Legit

It's all totally terrifying so long as you don't actually look up a single thing on it.

There are certain things we should never have to relive, things that should always, always, remain a super-embarrassing thing we did in the past and all collectively, silently agree to never do again. A preponderance of these things occurred in the 1980s. I'm not saying the '80s were entirely bad — from what I recall, there were many very good cartoons at that time — but mall bangs, stockbrokers being "cool," people not realizing the president was talking about movies like they were real life, the war on drugs, super rapey sex comedies? These things should remain in the past. Probably you were assuming that I would add shoulder pads to that list, but I would not. I have too much respect for Joan Crawford to do such a thing and honestly I think they were pretty badass.

One thing from the 1980s and 1990s that should have stayed there forever, that should have been stomped out permanently, was the Satanic Panic. That should have been snuffed out entirely after the 1996 premiere of Paradise Lost, the HBO documentary about the West Memphis Three, and also everyone realizing how stupid it was that parents were freaking out over Marilyn Manson.

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