The James Brady Briefing Room: Target Number One

From the Taking the Argument To Its Illogical and Silly Conclusion Department, on fake names at the White House briefings:

Bruce Bartlett, a syndicated columnist and former White House staffer in the Reagan administration's Office of Policy Development, took the concern a step further, claiming the use of fake names could open the door to terrorists. "Some terrorist could invent some publication and put through their name and get in," he said.
Yeah, they already did—have you not been reading The Nation? No, seriously, Katrina vanden Heuvel surely isn't organized enough to be the ringleader of a sleeper cell. Anyway, it's cute how protective reporters are being about the WH briefing room. You'd think they felt like they were actually welcome there or something.

'Gannon' Fodder: Real White House Reporters Weigh In [E&P]


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