Me and my day job

The hobo parade continues at Wonkette this week, with the latest shiftless and dubiously clothed guest editor being me, Justin Peters. What do I know about Washington? In terms of being "in the loop," I fall somewhere between Charlie Brotman and Blelvis, but I recently bought a computer (this "Information Age" intrigues me) and I can't think of a better place to learn how to use it than in front of millions of bitchy, complaining readers.

You want qualifications? I used to work at the Washington Monthly, I write irregularly for Slate, I edit a soon-to-debut magazine called Polite, and I dabble in moviemaking. Yeah, I'm not impressed either. I've never blogged before, which is why the guest-blogging offer came as a bit of a surprise, but scrape the bottom of the barrel long enough and you come up with me, I guess. Hey, at least I have a college degree!

So before Denton, Steele and Pareene figure out their mistake, I hope to use this platform to launch several poorly-spelled and slanderous brickbats against various enemies, namely:

1) The Library of Congress: Its "no jelly in the reading rooms" policy is arbitrary and unfair, and possibly illegal.

2) U.S. Rep. Michael R. McNulty, D-NY: Not for his politics, but for having the worst, cheapest-looking Web site in the House. Glad to see you're getting your money's worth from that copy of Microsoft FrontPage 97, guys.

3) Blelvis: You've owned the streets long enough, old man.

Let's get started!


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