The Jesus and Mary Cheney

Our crack team of Cheney Compound Spies never sleeps. Hot on the heels of the Mary Cheney pregnancy announcement, one Op saw evidence of mysterious rituals at the Vice Presidential Lair:

Saw a huge white tent on the grounds of Naval Obsrv this morning. WIll Mary be a December bride? Will it be a shotgun wedding?

A shotgun gay marriage -- precisely what the religious right has been warning us of for years!

The Cheneys have thus far refused to disclose the identity of the biological father, so we'll have to assume it's either some sort of terrifying Michael J. Fox-mandated cloning experiment, or an immaculate conception.

Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts will be participating in a WPNI-mandated "live chat" at noon, and we politely request that you ask them about this pregnancy's potential effect on the Rapture Index.

Mary Cheney and Partner Are About to be Moms [WP]

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