The Joke Deficit

Perhaps you've heard of the humor imbalance between President Bush and John Kerry: The Center for Media and Public Affairs ran the numbers and discovered that Bush was the subject of 213 jokes from Jan. 1 through March 9, while Kerry was on the receiving end of only 53. To be sure, in January, Kerry was just one in a field of nine. But even February, when we all were very close to admitting he Kerry was, indeed, the Democratic nominee, Bush received 121 barbs to Kerry's 25.

Wonkette has been a part of this problem. Sure, we've written our share of Kerry gags, but most of them have had to do with his incredibly large penis. Which isn't the worst reputation a guy could have. The truth is, we really haven't been very tough on Kerry when it comes to the issues. So we promise we will start mocking Kerry for his policy positions -- just as soon as he figures out what they are.

Bush and Kerry, a Running Gag on Late Night [WP]


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