The Justice Department Will Now Pursue Goals That Involve Procuring Justice


  • Eric Holder and his famous Justice Department (Civil Rights Division) are going to be combating social injustices this fall, and there's a whole new team of lawyers, qualified ones, who will start hanging around to help them do it. [New York Times]
  • Everyone not in Afghanistan is now pretty open about the fact that Afghanistan's elections were totally fraudulent. [Times Online]
  • Tween home shopping network Disney is buying Marvel for $4 billion dollars. [Reuters]
  • A third of all cocaine in the US is laced with some veterinary drug that tragically is not one of the cool ones. [AP]
  • Popular electronics purveyor Sony will feature popular search engine Google's unpopular browser, Chrome, on their computers. [Financial Times]
  • Tomorrow Montana might decide that doctor-assisted suicide is a constitutional right. It would be the first state to do this. [New York Times]

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