The Kennedy Police Report: A Headline That Never Goes Out of Style

Dead horse, we know, but even after a couple weeks, this is still hysterical.


"Headed to the capitol to make a vote." Still in the top-ten excuses list, easy. Patrick Kennedy, recovering drug addict and binge drinking congressman, we salute you.

The Providence Journal has a couple extra details (and a way-too-soft lede, if you ask us):

A $300 fine was also suspended, but Superior Court Judge Aida L. Melendez ordered the 38-year-old son of the nation's most famous political family to perform 50 hours of community service for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and pay a total of $350 to that club and to a crime victims' compensation fund.

Boys and Girls Club? Lame. He should have to like bathe Robert Byrd or take Adam Putnam to his little league games or something.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy's Traffic Accident Report [Findlaw via NYT]

In D.C. Court, Kennedy Pleads Guilty [ProJo]


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