The Kerry Campaign Has Bigger Fake Fish to Fry

Gosh, the logic of the Republican National Committee is just crystalline, no? According to a statement Saturday:

Bill Burkett, Democrat activist and Kerry campaign supporter, passes information to the DNC; Kerry campaign surrogate Max Cleland discusses "valuable" information with Bill Burkett; Bill Burkett talks to "senior" Kerry campaign officials; an apparently unsuspecting news organization uses faked forged memos and an interview with Ben Barnes at the same time the Democratic National Committee launched Operation Fortunate Son; and Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill was among the first to call Ben Barnes and congratulate him after his interview. The trail of connections is becoming increasingly clear.
Yes! Colonel Mustard in the living room! With an IBM Selectric!

We just have trouble believing that the Kerry campaign would really have accepted the unsolicited assistance of Burkett. Not when they have perfectly good assistance to ignore. (You know your campaign is in trouble when people like Burkett think giving advice to Mary Beth Cahill is more important than translating the alien signals coming through their fillings.) Besides, chasing down Burkett's leads would distract them from coaching all those women to say Bush forced them to get abortions.

Statement from RNC Communications Director Jim Dyke [PR Newswire]


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