The Latest Delegate Projections: Obama 841, Clinton 837

Love, soft as an easy chairSo much for resolving anything on Super Duper Stupid Tuesday. Chuck Todd is on the MSNBC right now, doing the modern-day Tim Russert act of scribbling on a computer tablet instead of the dry-erase board popularized in the previous century. And guess what? This is all pretty much a grim $100-million stalemate.

When the votes are sort of counted and various complex calculations are made, both Barry Hussein Obama and Hillary "Bill" Clinton will have about 830 delegates -- and the eventual winner will need 2,000+.. But CNN says Hillary's got 543 and Barry's only got 413.

John McCain will be sort of the front runner, Mitt Romney still won't quit, and Mike Huckabee will be the President of the South.

Oh, and GO RON PAUL.

This means nothing has actually changed, even after six billion people voted in various primary and caucus events from coast to coast to Guam.

Still, nearly 12 million people voted in the Democratic primaries on this blessed Super Tuesday, compared to maybe 7 million who voted in the GOP primaries.


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