The Littlest Congressman

Little Paddy Mchenrys All Growed UpBoyish Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) tells AP that Congress is "a much more sophisticated junior high school" -- we have to assume the Senate contains the upperclassmen. The eighth-graders, says McHenry, are really cool but the Hill also has its share of total losers: "There are the nice guys that everybody likes, the jocks, the geeks, the bullies - they're all here. It's a representative democracy." Oh, and the hazing! Denny Hastert put McHenry "in a playful headlock," in front of all the other the Republicans, which is embarrassing, but at least he doesn't get depantsed every lunch time like poor Kucinich. Still, Paddy shouldn't think that one little headlock means he can hang with the cool kids now. Hell, he hasn't even been indicted yet.

Young Lawmaker Likens Congress to Jr. High [AP via Hotline's Wake-Up Call]


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