This week, you guys spotted Blythe Danner, Mitch McConnell, David Gregory, Ron Paul, Whitney Cunningham, Bill Richardson, and Dennis Kucinich out and about in DC (and elsewhere). And then you told us all about it and now we share your emails with the world!

See someone we've heard of somewhere in or near the district? Tell us about it in an email, with the subject line "Wonk'd" or "Sighting."

* A beautiful Blythe Danner spotted friday night at old ebbitt's @ 8pm. She's even more beautiful in real life.

* 9/28- saw Minority Leader Mitch McConnell walking through Hartsfield airport in the ATL at about 7pm....he looks like the Church Lady, but in drag, and doesn't move his arms when he walks. Was wearing a nice suit, toting his own bag. His lackey was wearing a suit from Sears and looked like an annoying prick.

* At my rather hungover birthday brunch this morning, I spotted David Gregory and his wife (I hope!) and three kids at Chef Geoff's on New Mexico Avenue. He was wearing a white LA Dodgers baseball hat, which he took off when his food arrived. His three children were very well-behaved and cute. His daughter, whom I guessed to be about 4 years old, looks just like her dad. [Seven feet tall??? -ed]

* Ron Paul, at Harris Teeter grocery store in Alexandria, VA, on Sunday night was arguing with the cashier about whether or not he had given him all the proper discounts that his grocery store membership card entitled him to. When that was settled, he then argued about the denominations in which his change was returned to him. He was wearing a polo shirt with blue horizontal stripes, white elastic bound shorts, white socks and white Reebock sneakers. He heard me whispering to my girlfriend about it being Ron Paul ahead of us, scowled and left in a huff.

* I saw Whitney Cunningham from cycle 8 of America's Next Top Model. She was at the French Embassy Sunday, 9/30 for DC Fashion Week. After watching the fashion show, her companion touched up her makeup so she would be ready for all the photos with her adoring fans. I think I was the only one who recognized her.

* Saw Dennis Kucinich and his pretty wife at E-Street cinema last night; 8:30 showing of Into the Wild

* Bill Richardson, with a few companions, brunching at Martin's Tavern in Georgetown around 2:00 Saturday afternoon. Assume he was in town for his Sunday appearance on Face the Nation. Didn't seem like anyone wanted to interrupt his meal, though he's definitely as big as he looks on TV.


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