The Magic Jenny 8. Ball

friendsterApparently dropping the pretense that they are an alternative to the liberal media elite, the NY Sun profiles NY Times reporter Jennifer 8. Lee and discovers that people in D.C. go to parties. Admiration is expressed for how "she’s capable of attracting bigwigs from the press-politics-interest group trifecta," and from across the ideological spectrum. Guests include "Times managing editor Jill Abramson, anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist, New Yorker writer Katherine Boo, organizing director Zack Exley, [and] columnist Harold Meyerson." Lee's friends express awe at her attitude: "[Lee said] 'The marginal benefit of the people I get to help is so much more than the marginal cost to me.' I thought, 'Not everyone would think of it that way.'" Right. Only the sociopaths.

Marvels another friend, "There’s some mysterious quality about Jenny Lee that causes people to show up." Of course. In D.C., we call this quality "free liquor," and it has bipartisan appeal. (Just try to keep Norquist away from the scotch and he'll tattoo his Blahniks down your back.) And, really, how fucking incredible is it that a Harvard grad has great connections? We think someone at the Sun's D.C. bureau is angling for an invite. . .

Meet D.C.’s Hostess of the Mostest [NY Sun]


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