So the first serious write-in Republican candidate has emerged in Tom DeLay's old district. When I heard that "David Wallace" had thrown his hat into the ring, I was looking forward to reading dense, narratively experimental campaign literature, featuring erudite and increasingly loony footnotes. But apparently the David Wallace in question is the mayor of Tom DeLay's home town of "Sugar Land," which is not a magical realm of giant candy canes and chocolate rivers but is apparently in Texas somewhere. (City nickname, according to Wikipedia, which is never wrong: "The land of sugar.")

Anyway, Wallace, who, based on his picture on the City of Sugar Land's Web site, appears to be about fifteen years old, is probably hoping that he'll be able to put some distance between himself and DeLay. That may be hard, if the photos that come up on a Google News search for "David Wallace mayor" are any indication:


Of course, we hope that voting human beings are more discriminating consumers of information than Google's soulless algorithms. But those kinds of hopes are probably wishful thinking.

Sugar Land mayor to run for DeLay's seat [AP via Dallas Star-Telegram]

David Wallace mayor [Google News]


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