The Matt and Judy and Patrick and Robert and Karl Show

When you say "speech," we think "freedom," so excuse us if we blow past recapping last night's pep rally to cogitate a bit more on the last act of the Matt and Judy Show. William Safire thinks Robert Novak should "finally write" the column that would explain how it is that he's sunning himself down on Pennsylvania Ave. while Cooper and Miller are learning how to make shivs. That's a nice thought, but that would require Novak to honest. And what's that saying about a leopard changing its spots? A turd cannot grow a spine, either. (Not that the distinguished Mr. Novak is a turd. Just observing. He is also not a leopard and also we sort of doubt that's human.) But revelations are likely.

Facing jail, Matt and Judy might talk, or -- worse for He Who Must Not Be Named (Karl Rove) -- they'll go to jail with lips still sealed but outrage on the part of friends and colleagues will shake loose the which White House source outed Plame to smear Wilson. Or maybe prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will fall out of love with his rectitude on the subject and issue the long-ago completed report on the matter. All of those things are bad for HWMNBN (Rove). Maybe he didn't do anything criminal -- we sort of doubt he did -- but it will tarnish an already dimming image of this administration to have his dirty smear job finally out in the open, what with this being the presidency of George “uphold the honor and decency of the office” Bush.

Of course maybe Rove wasn't involved, WMDs will be found, Saddam was involved in 9/11 and unicorns will appear in the back yard if you wish real real hard.

The Jailing of Judith Miller [NYT]


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