meangirls.jpgAs you may have heard in our Morning Roundup, the seven member subgroup of the Senate Intelligence Committee received their first White House briefing on the Bush's domestic wiretapping nonsense. The Washington Post article on the briefing contained one section that immediately gave us a case of the WTFs.

Members of the Senate subcommittee -- which, along with Roberts and Rockefeller, includes Republicans Mike DeWine (Ohio), Orrin G. Hatch (Utah) and Christopher S. Bond (Mo.) and Democrats Carl M. Levin (Mich.) and Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) -- will not be able to share what they learn with the other eight members of the intelligence panel, according to rules the White House has proposed.

That is the foofiest fucking idea we've ever heard! How can a debate about intelligence priorities take place if the entire committee isn't on an equal footing? Are the non-committee members going to have to sit in smaller chairs, too?

Here is how we imagine the future of the Senate Intelligence Committee:

[sorry, only super special Wonketteers can read after the jump]

Saxby Chambliss: Now, looking ahead. I have to say that I'm very concerned with what I'm hearing out of Oman.

Mike DeWine: [snickers]

Dianne Feinstein: Yeah...[laughing]...yeah. You WOULD be concerned.

Pat Roberts: Oooh, yeah, Saxby. Tell us all about--Haha!--allllll, HAHAHAHAHA! Oooh, oh boy.

Carl Levin: [airquoting] "OMAN," I'm really worried!

[the members of the subcommittee all laugh]

Barbara Mikulski: Jesus. This must be what it's like to know those assholes at The Note.

Trent Lott: Word.

Panel on Eavesdropping Is Briefed by White House [Washington Post]


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