Last Thursday, we walked over to Bourbon to hear, we thought, some dude from Vice talk to some dude from al-Jazeera English about... well, something? It was The Modernist Society's first monthly party at one of 18th St. last remaining tolerable bars (if you're upstairs, anyway), and we were there because it was within walking distance.

Of course, miserable weather caused Vice dude Trace Crutchfield's plane to be cancelled. And by the time we left, he was getting off a train, four or five hours late.

Thankfully Liz Glover was on hand with her video camera, and she provided the short film above. The lovely Liz Gorman, as always, provides pictures.

Glover explains her video:

we don't like vice because they try to exploit our friends. their humor is typically off-putting and misogynistic -- just what you'd expect from pre-pubescentesque canadian men. so when we heard that the so-called "modernist society" was hosting vice exec trace crutchfield, we were eager to attend so that we could throw rotten tomatoes at him. so we showed up at the appointed hour and were told that trace would be at least 2 hours late because his flight was missed - i mean, canceled. after spending some time with passers-by on 18th steet and feasting on brownie sundaes at the diner, at last godot arrived. and boy were we bored. trace rambled on incoherently. the interviewer seemed to be attempting to channel dc's beloved ian svenonius with little success. that said, we are grateful that our host kindly allowed us to ask trace a few questions of our own...

Still -- decent party. We missed the free gin, but Brightest Young Things kids were there to steal our soul through wicked scenester photography, one of the Going Out Gurus gave the night the Post's imprimatur, and everyone largely left us alone as we sat at the far end of the bar eating dinner. A+ would attend again.

Modernist Society Gallery

PHOTOS: Modernist Society with Trace Crutchfield [BYT]

Vice's Trace Crutchfield, etc. from elizabeth glover and Vimeo.


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