The Month in Wonkette: Special Holiday Edition

Hannity gets a hummer.

Bill O'Reilly champions regular folks.

"Dear Skankette, Power Line kicked your big ass today! Seems like you leftest PIGS just can't get it right!"

Can a porn star afford to be seen with George W. Bush?

Embrace the GOP's bonership society. No more hard-on pills for poor people.

In some small way, Steve Jobs is only trying to help.

The Kathy Lee of gay sex guides causes a ruckus in Massachusetts.

Try finding a straight leprechaun in Boston these days.

Previously anonymous spanking fan sues Washingtonienne for praising his ass.

The President finds an even gooder book.

Reach out and touch someone (but not in a gay way).

Don't see the erotic potential of a really hot mule? What are you, some kind of coastal elitist?

Is Ann Coulter safe for children?

Who is the laziest WH correspondent? Who's the biggest suck-up? All the answers here.


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